Deus Vult: Reconquista of the West

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The new edition features an extra TWENTY PAGES and an updated preface.

DEUS VULT is THE handbook on how to survive, fight back and defeat THE GREAT REPLACEMENT and the Culture war being wages against the Christian West.

This book is for men, fighters, serious Christians and committed patriots. It is NOT suitable for kids , neo cons or keyboard activists, this IS the book of the ‘Coming Revolution’ .

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Besides the Holy Bible, EVERY home should have a copy if you want your children to survive what is soon coming. If YOU are a serious Christian, Patriot, Fighter or think you could be…GET THIS BOOK BEFORE IT IS BANNED!

This organisation is the Knights Templar International, and this book of unique and timely ideas is the proof that – despite world-wide state persecution, media purges and the intense hostility of the liberal Establishment and a myriad of fake or compromised patriot groups – the KTI are sowing the seeds of Christian and traditionalist resistance to the liberal ‘New World Order’ and its wicked and anti-Christian ‘Great Replacement’ project among a new generation.

The Time is at hand. You are certainly not reading this by some random accident. So welcome to a world of hidden knowledge, 900 years of experience and the power gained by the blood of our Holy Martyrs!

Welcome to the next step on your road to your true Destiny. Arise, and defend our homelands under the blood red banners of Christ’s Holy Warriors, in the famed battalions of the One True God! Our battle cry: DEUS VULT…GOD WILLS IT!


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Deus Vult: Reconquista of the West

Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $34.00.