Templar Tabard


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One of the purposes of Surcoats / Tabard was to identify the wearer as a knight. Unlike those worn by Templar Sergeants, these surcoats were white with a cross in the chest.

Other uses of the surcoat was to protect knights from the inclemency of the weather since crusader knights got suffocated because of overheating of their chainmail.

It´s known that surcoats even saved the lives of their wearers as it is said in a chronicle that an arrow wound up in the cloth which slowed down its speed.

Made of the finest quality materials with secure stitched detailing.  The belt is top quality leather with solid buckle and fixings.

All dimensions are approximate and may vary from piece to piece. Sizes from Small – XXL

Price for surcoat & belt only. Chainmail, scabbard, weapons or other items are not included.


Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL


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Templar Tabard